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Masters of Strategy Execution: The Consultant's Perspective with Jean Abou Assi from PWC

Join us for a rerun of Jean Abou Assi's Fireside chat with Marilyn Zakhour during the Opening Event of the 2023 Cosmic Conference.

Jean is a Partner Digital & Technology at PWC ME. He has wide experience in leading large-scale digital transformation programs and is well-versed in the entire digitization process from strategy to delivery. Jean works closely with senior executives, business owners, technology teams, creatives, and product managers to make hyper-personalized digital journeys work for both customers and businesses.

Jean and Marilyn dive deep into how to become a master of strategy execution and how to structure a healthy relationship with your management or implementation consultant, unpacking how to take strategy from development in the boardroom to execution on the office floor. And we all know that in this region (GCC), strategy rarely gets developed or implemented without a management or implementation consultants so Jean and Marilyn share their experiences and discuss how to structure a healthy relationship with these partners.


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