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Leading the Long term Game with Richard Fitzgerald - 2023 Cosmic Conference LinkedIn Live Session

Richard Fitzgerald is CEO and Founder of Augustus Media, an award-winning modern media company in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, publishers of Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi TV. Initially working in digital, media and social media agencies in Europe and the Middle East for over a decade, Richard founded Augustus Media in 2015 to what has grown to be 80 employees with offices in Cairo, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Dubai to become one of the leading modern media companies in the region.

Richard joined us at the 2023 #CosmicConference on Wednesday, October 18, at 4 PM Dubai time (GMT +4) to share his perspective on leadership, the mindsets needed to scale over time, and the patient pursuit of long-term success in the region.


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