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The Perks of Working in an All-Women Team

International Women's Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women and to reflect on the progress that has been made toward gender equality. At this moment in time, Cosmic Centaurs is a team of six women and this IWD, we want to celebrate the perks and pros of working on an all-female team.

Here’s what each of the members of Team Centaur had to say:

Tala For the majority of my career, I’ve been on teams with predominantly male colleagues. That’s a huge change from where we are today at Cosmic Centaurs, a team of 6 formidable women each working hard to build happier, higher-performing workplaces. One thing I have found is that this team does not compromise on our values, be it our personal values, or the organizational values we uphold. I find all our work and decisions to be driven by values and that in my opinion is one of the strengths of our all-female team.

Marie What I love about being on an all-female team is that we can truly bring our whole selves to work without needing to filter out some emotion sharing or gushing about our kids which happens less often on a mixed-gender team where some men might feel irritated or uncomfortable about it.

Marilyn Being on an all-female team has so many advantages. I get to be myself without restriction, which really simplified my journey as a mother. During my pregnancy, and when I went back to work after mat leave, I didn’t have to hide a lot of the practical aspects of motherhood, which would have been impossible if there were men on the team. This was particularly significant because in our organizational culture, we really value interpersonal connection, and learning about each other. Another advantage is the level of solidarity and community - it is unparalleled. Various studies have shown that women tend to have a higher emotional IQ (EQ), because we are socialized to detect implicit signals at an early age. This reflects in how fast the team picks up a task when one of us is overwhelmed or sick, and how much we try to support and help each other.

Daniella: One of the biggest advantages of being on an all-female team is the feeling of sisterhood and support. When you're working alongside other women, there's an unspoken bond that forms. You're all on the same page, you understand each other's challenges and triumphs, and you genuinely want to see each other succeed. It creates a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered, and that's something truly special. I'm grateful for the amazing women I work with and the supportive community we've built.

Karma: Being in a small, all-female team was a coincidence that definitely has its perks. I realized that I learned a lot from informal chats about the lesser-known aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. I strongly appreciated the new moms’ openness about these topics, because it helped me understand them better. And the more you understand someone, the better you collaborate. The candor also helped me visualize what it would be like to both value building a family and your career/business - something I know many young women worry about.

Maya: I love that we’re like the Spice Girls, but with better teamwork! We know how to collaborate together and share common values related to work-life balance and our ways of working. We have a special synergy that is making us thrive and I hope that we'll be able to maintain it as we grow.

As an all-female team, we are proud to celebrate International Women's Day and share why working with other amazing women rocks! We hope that our experiences inspire others to create supportive and empowering team cultures and to celebrate the divine feminine!


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